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ACROBiosystems Sustainability

We believe that businesses should take the lead in nurturing a better world. This means we are responsible in making a positive impact on society through incremental improvements and environmental commitments.

ACROBiosystems Sustainability

We have established an EHS system and obtained ISO14001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship.

obtained ISO14001

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Designing Reusable Boxes

Designing Reusable Boxes that can be used as pen holders with a patented design.

Sourced from FSC-certified sustainable paper materials.

Promoting a packaging box recycling program where clients are encouraged to return their boxes for reuse. Participation instructions are available upon receiving the packaging.

Tote Bags: A staple of our marketing giveaways, these bags aim to communicate our commitment to green values to customers.

Tote Bags

Going Digital

Going Digital to reduce our paper usage including Certificate of Analysis and other traditionally physical documentation.

Co-Forest Action

Co-Forest Action: As a CiteAb award-winning enterprise, ACROBiosystems is granted a 10 square meter tree planting reserve, which is named after it.

Green Initiatives in Production Processes
ACROBiosystems Sustainability
Process Pollutant Reduction: We have taken steps to reduce process pollutants by replacing hazardous chemicals used for labware cleaning with biodegradable cleaning solutions. This improves operational safety and reduces chemical pollution. Waste liquids undergo treatment in our in-house wastewater facility, achieving hazardous waste minimization goals.
ACROBiosystems Sustainability
Energy Conservation and Recovery Systems: We upgraded our heat exchange systems to recycle steam condensate heat and preheat air conditioning water, reducing industrial steam consumption and reducing our energy consumption.
ACROBiosystems Sustainability
Wastewater Treatment: Our GMP factory employs advanced wastewater treatment technologies, effectively managing complex and variable process effluents. Recycled water is collected and reused within a closed cooling tower system, contributing to the zero-discharge target for nitrogen and phosphorus in the local ecosystems.
ACROBiosystems Sustainability
Air Emission Control: Our GMP factory uses mature and efficient adsorption processes, ensuring treated emissions meet or exceed lower emission standards.
ACROBiosystems Sustainability
Rainwater Utilization: Implementing "Sponge City" concepts by collecting and recycling rainwater for irrigation, enhancing water resource efficiency.
Employee Contributions
Daily reminders to set air conditioning at 26°C to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions; controlled dispensers for bathroom tissue to save paper; promotion of waste sorting, secondhand item exchanges, and upcycling activities...
Technology Platforms
Charitable Donations & Sponsorships
Social Welfare Donations Social Welfare Donations

  • 2021

    - We donated several COVID-19 variant protein products to BEI Resources established by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the U.S., supporting researchers to study COVID-19 variants and accelerate global efforts against the pandemic. More >>

    - We provided high-quality COVID-19 spike protein and nucleocapsid protein to the non-profit international health organization PATH, supporting PATH's development of COVID-19 antigen diagnostic benchmark kits. More >>

Event Sponsorships Event Sponsorships
  • 2023

    - Sponsored STEAMpark children's event, providing branded gifts for kids
             Sponsored STEAMpark children's event  

    - Sponsored a Women's Leadership Event
               Sponsored a Women's Leadership Event

  • 2022

    - Sponsored UNC children's event, providing branded gifts for kids
                 Sponsored UNC children's event

Contributing to the Sciences
Scholarship and Grant Donations Scholarship and Grant Donations
  • 2024

    - Sponsored ISSCR Young Scientist Travel Award Fund to help defray the costs of attending the meeting for early career scientists

  • 2023

    - Poverty Alleviation Funding for Students in Huangshi, donation of 2,700 USD

  • 2022

    - Biology Group Structure Supergroup at UC Berkeley, donation of 1,500 USD

Acro见习基地 Acro Internship Base
To better support basic research, ACROBiosystems has initiated the Acro Internship Base project with universities, starting with leading institutions and engaging in various types of cooperation.
University Open Days/Collaborative Institution Internship Programs
Organizing one-day visits and internship projects for university students, helping them gain early exposure to industry and refine their academic achievements to determine future career paths.
Product Responsibility & Consumer Protection
ACROBiosystems places great emphasis on product liability and consumer protection. The company exercises stringent control over the quality of its products and services, having established a comprehensive quality management system encompassing end-to-end process control, methodological validation, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications among other measures. Moreover, the company actively develops and incorporates advanced technology platforms and support resources to furnish clients with professional technical support services.
ACROBiosystems is equally dedicated to safeguarding consumer rights. The company offers round-the-clock technical support and provides an array of market materials and training resources free of charge. Furthermore, it has put in place a robust regulatory support documentation system and a well-established partner resource integration mechanism, ensuring that clients' legal rights are thoroughly protected.

Why Choose ACROBiosystems

Better Design: Application-oriented development strategies

> Over 95% of proteins are produced from HEK293 to ensure the native conformation of our proteins

> Six guaranteed technology platforms for multi-pass transmembrane proteins, next-generation fluorescent site-directed labeling, and enzymology

> Dedicated research & development brands including ActiveMax, GENPower, ViruStop, etc.

> Custom products according to customer application requirements


Better Quality: Strict quality control systems

> Strict quality and production process control

> Validated analytical methodologies

> DMF (FDA) filings for recombinant protein products

> ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified

> GMP quality management system

> CNAS-accredited SPR testing services available

Better Support: 24h Technical support and free resources

> 24-hour technical support on weekdays

> Free protocols on bioactivity validation

> Open-access marketing information & training resources

> Resources for monitoring clinical progress and market dynamics

> Comprehensive regulatory support documentation

> Extensive collaborations with our partners

Better Customer Experience: Customers come first

> 1 to 5-day global shipping

> Real-time, online support or local customer support available

> Custom services available according to customer demands

> Inventory reservation system to reserve the same batch or lot

Employee Care
Employee CareEmployee Care

- Established an EHS management system certified by IS045001, enhancing occupational health and safety management to ensure a secure working environment.

- Enhanced Employee Occupational Health: Strengthen health management for employees in positions with occupational hazards, updating their health records diligently; provide comprehensive PPE and conduct routine physical exams to continually monitor their well-being.

- Special Care for Pregnant & Nursing Staff: Tailor job assignments or work duties for expectant and breastfeeding mothers to ensure their wellbeing is safeguarded.

- Improved Workplace Safety: Implemented gas leak detection systems in hazardous chemical storage areas that trigger immediate alerts to protect staff and maintain a secure working environment.

- Compliance & Employee Welfare Engagement: Regularly organize safety training events and team-building activities to elevate safety consciousness and promote unity among staff.

- Over 56% women in leadership roles.

Employee Career Development Employee Career Development
Employee Career Development
ACROBiosystems operates ACRO Campus, a platform featuring dual learning maps, training systems, curriculum content, and e-learning platforms. Annually, we conduct more than 20 offline training courses and workshops, developing tailored learning maps for sales teams, employees, junior and senior managers. These include over ten different training projects across five capability modules to cater to staff members' multidimensional career growth needs.

In line with the “3Rs” principles of Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement of animal testing, we continue to promote our organoids platform as an alternative to animal testing. This includes organoids such as heart, brain, intestine, liver, blood vessels, retina, and other organ types, which are designed to replace assays that conventionally use animals. More >>

Replacing Horseshoe Crab blood with Recombinant Factor C.

Please leave your comments to contribute to enhanced sustainability efforts.

ACRO Quality

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